Michael Caulfield MSc
Sport & Performance Psychologist

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"Simplicity is Genius"

One of the most asked questions is “What exactly is sports psychology”.  There is no real definitive answer but I believe it is the application of the obvious.  When people  are most under pressure, they often attempt the impossible when simplicity was most required.  Therefore, having the winning mindset is crucial to the level of performance that we are capable of achieving, whatever our performance setting. 

With the current pace of change being so fast, only the most balanced and rational people will maximise the opportunties which present themselves. At Sporting Edge, we have played and worked alongside some of the most resilient characters in sport and have integrated this practical experience with the latest research to provide simple skills to enhance your performance. Our highly qualified performance coaches can unpick the most complicated performance problems allowing you to stay focussed on playing your best game.

Even Tiger Woods believes that a strong support network is the key to his success. At Sporting Edge our experienced consultants offer impartial and confidential support to your business challenges. Having supported some of the world’s elite sports coaches, we understand the pressure of managing teams. Whether acting as an impartial sounding board or offering feedback on your performance, our executive coaching programme will give you the confidence to take your game to the next level.

Once we understand your individual pressures and objectives, Sporting Edge will offer tailored advice to give you improved clarity and confidence in decision making. Take a look at some of our client testimonials on this website to see the benefits our executive coaching could bring to you.



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